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Since gardens and patios have become extension to our interiors, the looks of these outdoor spaces have taken an equal importance. Naturally, one wants his garden/patio to look as beautiful at night as much it looks during the day. Therefore to add beauty, safety and convenience, lighting these outdoor areas is an important issue. Here are a few pointers on how to light up your landscape.

To create an appropriate style and effect in your outdoors, garden lighting has become a creative activity. The right art of lighting can create dramatic styles and can fetch you awe-inspired compliments.

Solar lights are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. When placed at the edge of the garden or within flower bedding, they lite up the beauty of the blooms and lend warmth to the environment.

If you want to create eye-catching appeal, place an up light at the foot of a tree or edifice such as a statue. Use string lights in tree limbs to create drama, particularly in winters when trees are windswept and barren of any leaves.

To create an ambience, add floating solar lights to the pond or swimming pool.

Illuminate your landscape without diminishing its natural appearance. Use outdoor column lighting that comes in natural finishes to accentuate the earthy essence characteristic of your garden.

For a naturalist lighting design, mingle a number of light sources to imitate the effect of moonlight.

To highlight the bushes, shrubs and plants, overhang lighting placed on the attic. This will also add security to the area.

It is important to light the pathways and the stairs, so your guests can walk down comfortably. Use recessed lighting to illuminate from the ground up. This can also accent smaller plants from beneath.

To create a focal point in your patio or seating area, overhead lighting can be used to define the space.

Landscaping is called complete designing, and adding the right kind of light effects to it is sure to create an art form. So go ahead and light up your space in style for beauty, entertainment, relaxation and of course security and safety.


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