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Pet food containers

Did you know that food that is not stored properly loses its nutritional value and taste really fast? Most pet owners buy pet food in bulk to save some money. This food is then usually stored in pet food containers that are airtight and keep the pests out. There are different types of pet food containers from which you can choose. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Pet food containersRolling pet food bin: These containers are easy to pull out from the storage area, thus eliminating the need to handle heavy bins filled with kibble. You could choose one made from plastic or stainless steel.
  • Stackable storage containers: If you have numerous pets and need to store different varieties of pet food, stackable bins like the Bergan floor stack-n-stor storage container or the Gamma Vittles Vault stackable pet food container, are ideal for you.
  • Wooden barrels: These lend a classic charm to the kitchen or storage area. Put a lining in the wooden barrels before storing the kibble or place the pet food package as it is. This would ensure that the moisture is kept out as are the pests.
  • Soft-sided collapsible containers: The advantage of these soft sided bins is that they are portable and space saving. They collapse when empty so that you can store them away.
  • Dispensing container: To do away with the need of opening the container and scooping out the kibble on a daily basis, some pet parents prefer to use pet food dispensers. Empty the pet food into the dispenser that you can mount on the wall and pour out the required amount at each meal time.
  • Travel size storage containers: For owners who frequently go on trips with their pets, travel size pet food containers like the Gamma Vittles Vault travel-tainer portable pet food container are a blessing in disguise.

Thus the pet food container that is ideal for you would depend on various factors. These include the quantum of food to be stored, your preference of material and whether you prefer to scoop out the dog food or want it dispensed.

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