Add interest to your workwear with a tastefully beaded top


Plus size beaded tops

It is a known fact, that for most offices, the dress code comprises of understated, tailored ensembles. The idea is to be able to fit into the workplace, to look smart and yet not attract attention to yourself! So you have to choose your work wear from a range of black, navy, tan or white suits and skirts and pale colored shirts and tanks.

That’s hardly an inspiring situation for a lady who loves to be fashionable. What is the resourceful fashionistas to do under such circumstances? Tweak the rules slightly to add a touch of glam to her work wear! How can you do that? Try wearing a tastefully beaded top with a complementing skirt or pant. Here are some ideas.

  • Wear tops that have subtle beading at the neckline, like the Magaschoni beaded knit top. This pale yellow sleeveless top is adorned with clear beads and has a pretty ruffle detail. Pair it with white trousers and yellow cardigan or white jacket. Examples of other tops that can be styled similarly are the Lafayette 148 New York beaded scoop-neck tee or the white beaded-neck silk shell.
  • Plus size beaded topsPlus size beaded tops enable curvy ladies to highlight their neck and face. Select a tunic with a neckline that has a discreet beading detail. For instance the Satin Lady beaded trim tunic in white flatters the figure while taking the attention away from the problem areas to the pretty neckline.
  • If you are lucky enough to work in an office that allows you to indulge in a bit of bling on dressier occasions, then experiment with classy beaded tops such as the Chloé beaded tie neck matte silk blouse and the black Diane von Furstenburg Yvan beaded open back shell. However, do remember to wear a jacket to conceal the open back or else you may gather attention of the wrong kind!

Even in the most formal of office environments, you can add interest to your work wear by wearing a tastefully beaded top. For offices with more relaxed dress codes, go ahead and experiment!

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