Samsung HW-C700 receiver with iPod Dock


Samsung iPod dock

The home theater systems now days are getting better and better these days. They are actually becoming perfect substitutes for actual theaters. Home theater systems are made up of three components. They are the sound system, the display and the receiver. Among them the receivers are the most important as they are the control center for your home theater system. The Samsung HW-C700 happens to be one of the best 7.1 channel receiver available.

The Samsung HW-C700 allows you to experience enhanced 3D video via the latest Samsung Blu-ray players. Couple the 3D video with surround sound and you have got the best theater system at home! With the 7.1 channel support you can bring home the ultimate home theater experience. The Samsung HW-C700 also has an advanced Auto Sound Calibration which ensures that you hear exactly what you need to hear and when you need to hear. To calibrate this system all you need to do is place given microphone next to your usual seat, press the AASC button on the remote and your audio will be perfect!

This receiver also has an impressive noise compensation technology which completely eliminates distortion by sensing signal changes and enhancing response speed. So basically you will hear exactly what you should hear. Coming to the ports, this device has * audio outputs, 4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output. It also has an iPod dock so you can listen to music off your favorite mp3 player. This Samsung iPod dock will hold your 4th generation iPod touch or iPhone and play content of it effortlessly.

Now this maybe an expensive receiver but if you want the best audio and video quality then this device is totally worth it! So if you are looking at building a high end home theater system then it would be great if you build it around the Samsung HW-C700!

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