Samsung’s ultra slim 8000 series LCD TVs


Samsung 55 in LCD TV

When it comes to HDTV’s Samsung happens to be one of the best brands around. They have some of the best top end LED backlit LCD TV’s around. Their recently launched 8000 series of LED backlit LCD TV’s are currently the best HDTV’s out there.

The Samsung 8000 series is their flagship series which has all the features which you would want in a HDTV. The 8000 series comes in both Plasma technology as well as LED backlit LCD technology. The LED TV’s are the more popular ones due to their ultra slim design. Now the 8000 series of TV’s come under the Smart TV category which Samsung puts them under. These TV’s come with web applications which greatly enhance its capabilities. These web apps will allow you to do a lot of things such search for movies, TV shows, browse the net, chat with friends, and connect to your favorite social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook. With apps like Netflix or Blockbuster you can stream your favorite movie online. If TV shows are your thing then Hulu Plus is there for you to view your favorite shows. You can also watch videos from YouTube and listen to music from Pandora on your Samsung 8000 series HDTV.

Apart from the web apps this TV will also has the capabilities of displaying 3D content in Full HD. This way you can watch some of the latest 3D movies as well as play 3D games on your TV. The presence of 4 HDMI ports will allow you to connect all hi-definition devices such as your home theater or your gaming console. Gaming on this TV is particularly impressive as Samsung introduced the Clear Motion Rate technology which greatly enhances the ability to display fast-moving images. This technology completely eliminates the “ghosting effect” seen in most LCD TV’s now days.

This LED TV comes in screen sizes of 46, 55, 60 and 65 inches. The 8000 series LED backlit Samsung 55 in LCD TV happens to be the most popular choice due to the size and the pricing. 55 inches is just about right and is the mainstream size for most home theater systems now days.

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