Show team spirit with a necklace from your favorite NFL team!


Steelers necklace

Being a hardcore football fan, I am always on the lookout for accessories and products with NFL logos and prints. For me there’s no team spirit till I flaunt some cool tees or themed accessories! Of course, I don’t want to end up looking like a crazy fan or a Super Bowl special sub.

So, what I try and do here is incorporate some trendy accessories or jewelry into my look. Recently, I picked up a couple of these Steelers necklaces. Just wear them with your team tee to sport your team pride. The Pittsburgh Steelers themed necklaces are surely wearable, trendy and affordable.

Of course, they are also excellent gifts for your sports-fanatic family. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season about to start soon, there are plenty of games lined up to flaunt these. These unisex pieces are wearable by almost everyone. If Go Steelers is the mantra for your family, then these neckpieces should be checked out!

Most of these neckpieces are affordably priced from $10 and go up to $35 for the titanium once. There are slightly more expensive ones (about $50) available too, which are made from sterling silver.

Steelers necklace

I bought this Pittsburgh Steelers crystal logo necklace at just $14.95. Let the Steelers spirit outshine this competition with this feminine crystal logo piece. If you want something more neutral and tomboyish then the titanium necklace, with a blend of germanium is a cool alternative. And if you wanna get one for your pet, they have dog tag necklaces too!

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