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Summer flower arrangementsWith summer winding down and fall quickly approaching, it’s time to get in your summertime parties before the great weather says goodbye. If you want to make your summer parties truly special, you can get a great flower arrangement to impress your guests. Let’s take a look at three great summer themed flower arrangements and bouquets.

If you’re throwing a summer party, chances are you’re going to be doing a bit of drinking. Thankfully, you can get a bouquet to match your drinks. Who knew? 1-800-Flowers has you covered with different styles of bouquets modeled after your favorite drinks.

If you’re having a tropical themed party, you can get a Margarita Bouquet with specific flavors like the Strawberry Floral Margarita bouquet. use this as a center piece for a great conversation starter. If you have enough room, you can place this on its own drinks table so that your guests’ eyes are immediately drawn to the floral bouquet in the margarita glass!

If margaritas don’t appeal to all your guests (hint: manly men) then you can buy a floral arrangement inside a large beer mug. It’s called the Beer Mug of Blooms and it features realistic looking amber colored beer and foam head. Even the manly men at your party will get a good laugh out of it! Just don’t let them try to drink out of it.

Whatever type of party you’re going to be throwing for your end of summer celebrations, make it memorable with an alcoholic beverage shaped flower arrangement.

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