Tips to successfully dye your own hair


Whether we’re enhancing our own hair color, switching to a totally different shade, or covering up our gray, many of us will attempt to dye our own hair at some point. Of course, going to a salon is the easiest way to achieve your new look but coloring and further maintenance can get pretty pricey.

With do-it-yourself hair dye, you can spend around 10 dollars and 45 minutes to complete the coloring. However since you aren’t a professional stylist, you are at greater risk for getting an outcome you didn’t quite expect. For every success story we can surely find a disappointing story. Nonetheless by reading the instructions and choosing a good color from a trusted brand is the key. I have compiled some tips to prevent a not-so-hot accident and help ensure the ending result look great.

The first step, as I just mentioned, is choosing a great brand. I would recommend the well-known, trusted brand L’Oreal. After reading great reviews, my first choice would be loreal preference. It is believed to be much gentler on dry hair and if you dye your hair often then it’s probably not in the best shape. Loreal preference comes with a quality conditioner for your newly dyed hair. Additionally, this permanent dye consists of fade resistant color technology to ensure a long-lasting color.

Next, it’s important to choose the right color for you. Depending upon the end goal, you will search for different colors. If it’s your first time and you feel nervous, I would recommend choosing a color not too far from your natural color. Don’t forget to read the instructions thoroughly before you start. Always use the provided gloves to keep the dye from your skin and an old shirt. Nothing is worse than realizing half way through the process you got dye on one of your favorite shirts! Get an old t-shirt and an old towel for washing the dye out.

With these tips, you will have a great hair color at an affordable price. The convenience of using a good, trusted brand such as loreal preference will reduce any worries and you’ll get great results!

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