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Enjoying baking and being a creative soul, Kara branched out into designing custom wedding cakes. She has been a custom wedding cake maker for 15 years now and owns “A Cake To Remember, LLC” in Henrico, VA. Read on to find her dos and don’ts and the interesting projects she is planning to do.

What inspired you to make Custom-designed wedding cakes and cake toppers?

I enjoyed baking, so I decided to go to culinary school for pastry. My specific goal was to create a wedding cake business, since that would incorporate my interests in design and baking, and I could have the flexibility that comes with owning my own business.

Are there any rules when it comes to custom designing cake?

For wedding cakes, you have to be mindful of the event. Most brides in my area want something that is more on the traditional side. You have to work with the bride and keep in mind that you are the creator of the cake, but in the end, it is her wedding. You have to be able to synthesize what the bride is asking for and what you think that you can do to personalize the cake for her specific event without putting too much of your own tastes into it. I try to get brides to think outside the box, but if they want something traditional then that is what they want, and I have to be respectful of that.

What are some interesting projects you have coming up?

One of the projects is a groom’s cake in the shape of a little dog that is so cute because he is so weird. He looks like a Wookie that is the most accurate way to describe him. He has an under bite and long hair all over him, and that kind of project is fun because you have to find ways to imitate something that is a real thing, and has to be very  recognizable.

I have had many brides buy flowers and other decorations that they used to decorate their wedding cakes, and I have tutorials for decorators who want to learn different techniques.

What do you see in the future for custom designed cakes?

More couples are using brighter colors on their wedding cakes, and are more willing to bring their own touches to the design. That helps to make the cake fit the tone of the reception, as opposed to just being a big white cake in the middle of the room.

As far as novelty cakes go, I really hope that bakers start challenging themselves to actually use cake in their designs. That might sound weird, but after the cake shows on TV have spent the last few years showing fake cakes that spin, explode, shoot flames, etc. it’s getting to the point where someone will cover a piece of PVC pipe with icing and call it a cake. That is not a cake. When I do a 3-D cake, I try to make it out of cake, not plastic and Styrofoam. For some things, you have to use supports and internal structures, but it is more of a challenge and takes more skill not to.

After reading what Kara had to share, I feel creative and would love to bake watermelon pink flower cupcake for my friends over the labor day weekend! Check out her blog called ” A cake to remember VA” for more interesting themes and ideas.

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