Go wild with animal print luggage


animal print luggage

I love traveling in style and so even my luggage should be trendy and chic. Animal print luggage has been around for quite some time and you can pick from both budget-friendly and high-end designer brands. And for all you animal-friendly people out there, these bags only have digital animal prints. No cruel methods are used in their manufacturing process.

You can either own a suitcase or luggage in animal print or opt for the entire set. Here are three luggage sets that you can check out:

Animal print luggage

1. American Flyer 5 piece giraffe print

If you are bored of leopard prints and clichéd spots, then giraffe print is definitely worth checking out. You get the basic affordability, durability and convenience features with this set. The 5 pieces include three 28,” 24″ and 20″ upright spinners, there’s a 19″ wheeled duffle and an 18″ Personal carry-on. A dash of feminine pink border along the brown gives it a cute touch.

2. Diane Von Furstenberg Cassandra 4 piece

This four piece black luggage set is friendly and safe. It has a fusion of leopard and zebra print with a blend of solid black. The sleek and stylish set has a beautifully designed modern look. It is easy to maintain and durable, along with being lightweight too.

3. Anne Klein 3 piece spinner set

The black and white zebra print set is perfect for women who want something budget-friendly and basic. It has three suitcases of different sizes to suit your travel requirements. You can opt for a similar style handbag or go for a contrast too.

So, go ahead and get wild with cool animal print luggage!

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