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aprica presto stroller

Search, search and more search! Parents are always seen making the best of deals when it comes to buying anything for their baby. But, at the end of the day we are all humans, and humans are never satisfied! We generally seek for more than what we have. The same goes when buying a stroller for your baby. Parents are always seen striving hard to make the best buy that includes all the possible features.

Now we want a stroller that is light in weight but sturdy enough to hold the baby. We look for a comfortable seat height but it should also have pushing bar at the right level so one does not have to bend. The stroller should have a 5 point harness system and it should be easy to maneuver as well. It should be durable and should also have certain extra features like rain cover and washable fabric. It should necessarily have a good storage basket and should be able to serve you till your baby no longer needs a stroller. It should be foldaway and comfortable enough that even the baby’s grandparents can take the baby for a walk. It should be good looking(with cool colors) and possibly with a reasonable pricing. Now don’t you think that these are just “SOME” of the features that all parents are looking for!

Well, to be honest, these are ‘all’ the features that any stroller could possibly have. The good news is that there exists such stroller- the Aprica Presto Stroller. This indeed is a stroller that probably would be your dream stroller as it has all these features. Though the folding is a little tricky, but it does fold, and once you know the trick, you can do it in a breeze. With good safety features and all wheel suspension, it can hold up to a seventy pound toddler which is almost twenty pounds more than usually seen. The weight of the stroller is only a little over thirteen pounds and you can carry it just about anywhere, the supermarket, mall or park.

You can have your baby seated comfortably. Let the child’s tiny legs rest on the comfortable foot rest and shade him up with the sun canopy, and there you go! Hey baby, have a happy “presto” ride!

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