Best games to play this Halloween


halloween gamesHalloween is less than 2 months away, and it’s definitely not a holiday you can wait until the last minute to plan for. There are some awesome Halloween games you can play this Halloween to entertain all your frightful friends!

  • Best Halloween Games For Kids: Kids are sure to be hopped up on all sorts of candy, so letting them unleash that energy on a game is probably a good idea. You can take a game that already exists and simply put a Halloween spin on it, like Halloween Pictionary, Halloween Charades, or Halloween Hangman. For a sure fire way to tire them out, have them play Monster Tag, where whoever is ‘it’ wears a scary monster mask and tries to capture their victims. If all else fails, sit them down tell them a good old fashioned ghost story!
  • Best Halloween Games For Adults: While adults may also enjoy the kids games mentioned above, you can organize something more elaborate like a who-dunnit murder mystery. Horror movie trivia is another fun game for grown-ups. If you want to involve a little alcohol, perhaps have a horror movie marathon where everyone takes a drink when someone gets killed off.

In addition to Halloween games, you can have a themed costume party. Have all the guests come as comic book characters, or their favorite movie star. You can also hold a haunted house for your neighborhood. Watch the Halloween episodes of Roseanne to see how it’s done properly.

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