Best of the Web: Be @ Home # 40


This week’s Best of the Web featured bloggers stretch our imagination about what creativity can be. Whether you are looking to make unique handmade jewelry, delving into DIY home decor projects, wanting to change the interior design of your space, quilting, sewing, crocheting, knitting or trying out a culinary treat, something new can always be created. So without much ado let’s ravel in and read about this week’s Best of the Web: Be @ Home Featured artists!


Claire Ogden Designs

“I created my website myself, I wanted a fresh clean and clear approach but to also capture a fairytale and enchanted theme, I also wanted my website to reflect the quality and designs of my work, my tiaras are so dreamy. I started blogging because I find I talk a lot and found writing posts meant I got to talk to more and more people, I like to offer good advice, feature fabulous suppliers and show off my work. Blogging is a fantastic outlet and I have learned so much from doing it.” – Claire of Claire Ogden Designs.

Hello My name is Missy

“I am an artist and designer. I enjoy making comics, zines, and other handmade goodies. I have always loved to draw and make things, and I really think that shows in my work. I Started blogging as a way to share my artwork and point of view with the world. I also like to blog about my pets, travel, and music.” – Missy of Hello my name is Missy.

Home Based Jeweler’s Showcase

“The Home Based Jeweler’s Showcase has been created to provide shoppers a great place to view the amazing talent of home based jewelers who handcraft beautiful and unique jewelry. Shoppers will find affordable offerings and great customer service too. There is a world of jewelry artists and designers waiting to serve you.” – Rita of Home Based Jeweler’s Showcase.

Hollyhocks, All Things Handmade in NC

“Hollyhocks, LLC was born from my love of handmade products. My blog came about  several months after opening as a way for me to share and promote all the wonderful artist/crafters that sell at my store. I want to give them and my store as much exposure as I can and hopefully foster the love of handmade goods in others. ” – Teresa of Hollyhocks, All Things Handmade in NC.

Quilting on Main Street

“My website is a way for me to share my creative journey as a quilter with others. I was a reader of blogs before I began my own blog.  I wanted to be even more a part of this online quilting community so I started blogging as a way to connect with other quilters and share my craft.  Blogging has widened my creative horizons and allows me to interact with a community of quilters who feel the same way I do about fabric and patterns and stimulating creativity. “- Cathy of quilting on Main Street.

The Wayman Family Nest

“I started blogging to document the process of our first child from Ethiopia.  I also enjoy blogging about my love of interior design (Purely as an amateur.  I’m a teacher by day.), DIY projects, the transformation of our first “nest,” and pretty things in general.  I have loved connecting with fellow adoptive mamas and other do-it-yourselfers out there in blog land.”- Jennifer Wayman of The Wayman Family Nest.


“My blog is a little bit of my life and my creations. I love to create for the holiday seasons. Right now we are in halloween mode, which is my favorite time of year.”- Debbie of Cucaroo.

The Devoted Classicist

“My blog, The Devoted Classicist, was created at the end of 2010 with the strong encouragement from my friend and former co-worker, the noted decorator Bunny Williams. The thought was that my unique experiences, especially in interior and garden design as well as antiques, would be interesting to a wide audience.  That has quickly proven to be true, and my essays which feature all the decorative arts as well as some of my own classic residential projects are regularly read by design professionals and the general public alike.  Rather than just show pretty pictures, each post is intended to be a mini-lesson in design featuring the classics as inspiration.”- John of The Devoted Classicist.

The Balancing Kiwi

“The Balancing Kiwi was started in March 2009 as I wanted to be able to share my eclectic hobbies, crafts and collections. After studying full time for a Degree and Masters in Music in my late thirties to achieve a long term goal, I wanted to pursue other interests and try new ones.  My motto is ‘Without Challenge, there is No Achievement” and I am certainly one to keep on challenging myself. On a whole though I try to keep my blog for its original purpose and that is the to share my enjoyment in a variety of crafts and interests such as reading, baking, photography, music, scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, crochet and newly discovered crafts, for example, embellishing and quilting.”- Lorraine of The Balancing Kiwi.

Marry Me On A Dime

Marry Me On A Dime is a new online store launched by self-taught, mixed media artist Sandi Holland.  Whether you are getting married or not, this fun store offers products that help you express your feelings.  At her blog she writes, “I am a romance addict.  I love everything about which romantic gestures have to do.”  She uses a myriad of artistic techniques and materials to create products that convey a romantic message. MMOD helps you to celebrate in your own little, affordable way.  In addition to jazzy cards and other unique stuff to be listed, her colorful, romance-themed store offers altered vintage-style jewelry in her category Something Old Something New. – Sandi of Marry Me On A Dime.

On [Blank]

“There are so many cooking blogs these days that feature well-designed kitchens and beautiful photos taken with incredible cameras. Me? I have a day job. I am not rich. I am a terrible klutz. I try hard, but the reality is that my dishes tend to be giant, explosive disasters as I struggle to move from an awful cook to come out on top (I’m aiming for mediocre). But I am passionate in my failures, and I hope that there is something to gain in taking yourself less seriously, cooking even when you are doomed, and finding the funny in constantly setting off the smoke alarms (though my neighbors may disagree).” -  Kristina of On [Blank].

Little Cottage Comforts

“I live in a cottage along a quiet country lane in south-east England, and love making and growing and dreaming. I write about knitting and stitching and growing our own food, as we try to lead a more sustainable life on our little patch of land. We have our ups and downs, but I always look for beauty and joy in the everyday so that my blog is a happy place to be.”- Pomona of Little Cottage Comforts.

AJ Barnes blog

A.J. Barnes

“I am the voice behind AJ Barnes. The blog borrows its name from the 3rd generation owner of our 1830’s country house.  I wanted to share my design POV and show how I interpret that aesthetic into our home.  I define the AJ Barnes style as a mix of primitive, historic, modern, & classic.  The blog focuses on two ideas – Life in our revitalized 1830’s home, from before & after projects to food to gardening to decorating and my idea of great home design from a wide variety of resources.  Each conversation always revolves around the core AJ Barnes POV – always striving to be authentic, fresh, elegant but comfortable, sexy & historically modern, and always entertaining.”- Randy of A.J. Barnes.

Kids and Capers

“As the byline suggests, family life is wide and varied, sometimes calm and sometimes just a little crazy. I love it in all its forms and I wanted to document it just as it was – warts and all. Crafting is my sanity and the blog helps me record what I do and what I plan to do and hope to get around to sometime.” – Catherine of Kids and Capers.

The Patchwork heart

“My 18 month journey in blogland  has been an amazing adventure, from having little confidence on the computer and not knowing what a blog was, to a favourite place full of crafty ideas and new friends. I began blogging as a way of show casing my work and attracting business to The Patchwork Heart. Little did I know about this wonderful world that I was stepping into – a world full of inspiration, teaching and learning new crafts,  and daily sharing tea and cake with friends around the world.” – Heather of The Patchwork heart.

Lemonade Kitty

“I come across an article in a magazine about a couple of girls who loved all things vintage and handmade and had set up blogs and  after reading their blogs I thought “that’s just me” and so “lemonade kitty” was born. I  write in my posts about everything from  brooches I’ve sewn,  scarves I’ve knittedd  and croched blankets, to days out at lovely places,  buying at country markets,  and recently joining the WI.  We all organise “swaps” in the summer and at christmas  and as we’re all like minded people we all get on like a big happy family.”- Lucey of Lemonade Kitty.

Ash Tree Cottage

“Ash Tree Cottage is a blog where I share my love of collecting, thrifting and decorating in the cottage style.  I am always creating something from a cozy and girly backyard camp out, to making miniature dollhouse furniture to cooking Yee Haw Crockpot Brisket.  I love to give new life to dumpster finds and share those finished products with my readers.  My little Yorkie is always here to brighten your day with his cuteness and funny antics.  Stop by and visit Bentley and me ~ we love your visits.” Susan of Ash Tree Cottage.

Michelle made this

“I’m a self confessed craftaholic. When I’m not baking I’m making and creating in some shape or form.  I love turning something old into something new and because of that shopping is a nightmare - everything has potential.  My blog, michellemadethis, started as a way of recording my makes just for fun but also to encourage me to finish all my wips (works in progress). The latter  I’m afraid has not succeeded. If anything, the wip pile is bigger.”- Michelle of Michelle made this.

Fork and Vine

“Fork and Vine grew from my love of food and wine and need to share my passion with others. It follows my adventures as an amateur cook at home to my passion and work in the wine industry to design and all things lovely that inspire me. It has given me much joy to share with others recipes, wine knowledge, and daily inspirations. As a general lifestyle blog, Fork and Vine, has something that everyone will enjoy and I am happy to call it my own.” – Kate of Fork and Vine

After reading this week’s blog picks, I am convinced that I can also create something new. So, planning to start preserving my family memories by scrapbooking and am also going to try my hand at making a turquoise table runner. What do you think, readers?

For more of what you want to see on Best of the Web, do leave a comment.

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