Best of the Web no. 33


From crafts beers and art, to miniature homes and life abroad as an ex-pat, this week’s Best of the Web’s got it all. Read on and discover this week’s juicy treasure trove of internet gems!






 Growler Fills

for the love of beer

Growler Fills Picture
“Growler Fills is Craft Beer Enthusiasm, providing craft beer News, education, discussion, events, beer runners, and more. Growler Fills seeks to make craft beer accessible by breaking down the barriers created equally by the “macro” mega corporations and beer snobs alike.  Beer is social. Beer is fun. Beer is easy to explore. Treat it with respect and it will reward you many times over. “

Cottage Tails

quilting and cleaning and sheep, oh my!

“Cottage Tails blog is a daily journal of a maybe not so typical family living in New Zealand. In it, we record our family’s days of living simply – on one income in a two income world, home schooling, dyslexia, dyscalculia, severe food allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, menu planning, cooking, quilting, reading, raising sheep, goats & hens, organic gardening & gardening by the moon, living off the land, enjoying The Wheel of the Year, being open & aware, feeling the flow of the change in the seasons and of course cats.

Paul & Paula

hip and cool finds for kids

paul paula

“Paul & Paula began in May 2010 as a place to share all hip and cool finds for kids. Updated daily with inspiring parenting-related subjects, including craft projects, favourite recipes, interesting cultural topics and other kid-friendly ideas. The coolest new products and must-have accessories!”

Later B(l)oomer

a dose of art and family history


“I began my Late B(l)oomer blog right after I retired from 30+ years of public school teaching.  My first entries were simply snapshots of things I found beautiful in my life, but entries evolved to include stories and old photographs from family history research and posts about the artwork I was doing.  From time to time I include a book review or a recipe, so that the blog has become a public sharing of the new directions my life is taking now that I no longer spend my days in the classroom.”

Fibra Artysta

on art and connection

Fibra Artysta best of web blog post

“One of the most exciting things about being an artist now is that internet helps to connect you with others that share your interests, your struggles, your inspiration. Fibra Artysta focuses on fiber art and surface design techniques (thermofax screen printing, fabric dyeing, soy wax batik, etc) but my main goal for the blog is to have a place where people can come and rest and just escape from daily life. Art is a refuge no matter what form it takes.”

Harmony and Rosie

new horizons through crafting

“I craft every day that I possibly can and have a burning desire to learn new skills so my blog is most definitely a journal of my creativity. Blogging has inspired me to broaden my horizons and I have been teaching myself to knit, embroider, sew and these things are always posted on my blog. Because I have two young children I find my sewing dries up in the school holidays so it’s then that I like to search for inspiration in other things such as truffling out vintage finds, prettying up things for my home and appreciating the countryside around me so you could say my blogging is determined by the school calendar!”

You Had Me at Bonjour

aussie adventures in southern france

“You Had Me at Bonjour is where Aussie mum Kirsty records the adventures of her family in southern France.  The blog is photograph-heavy and explores all the gorgeousness her surroundings have to offer, including the food, with a little sewing and craft thrown in for good measure.  If visiting Provence is on your Bucket List or you feel like whipping up a bunting trimmed lantern, this is the blog to go to. “

Tiny House Blog

tiny living and a simplified lifetstyle

“The Tiny House Blog is all about living well with less and in a smaller space. All types of construction are shown to give you examples of what you could build or have built. Stories are shared of people across the country and around the world living in tiny homes and loving it. The goal is to downsize and simplify your life and the Tiny House Blog share as many options as possible. Come and visit us today.”

Is all this variety filling you with the irresistible urge to travel? Be sure to stay entertained with the family road trip box of questions.

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