Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 53


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the WeekHave you started shopping for your fall wardrobe?

Autumn officially begins on September 23rd and if you’re at a loss for what clothing and makeup items you need to “winterize” your look – as well as protect your hair from the changing season – then here are a few blogs that will help you get it right.



bloggers who live their lives in style

A Drop of Indigo

“I see my blog as a collection of everything around me that inspires me, from beautiful fashion to tasty food and gorgeous design. I always thought that dreaming of beautiful things can make this world a bit more fun and a bit more charming and that’s what A Drop of Indigo is all about. I feel very fortunate to have the loveliest readers that encouraged and supported A Drop of Indigo as well as my creativity and dreams.” – Dora

Fashion du jour

“I don’t think I had any real direction when I started this thing,” confesses blogger Leslie of Fashion du jour. Throughout blogging, she’s acquired a husband, children and a new career, and accordingly her blog has become more finely tuned, “probably be considered somewhat of a lifestyle blog. Not only do I share my (almost) daily styles, but you’ll find on most posts that I am sharing motivating, informative and helpful bits and pieces of my life along with material that I’ve come across in my daily reading.”

“My goal is to provide a place where women can not only talk fashion, but also build relationships and even lasting friendships with women they wouldn’t have otherwise met.  My hope is that as girls travel from post to post, something catches their eyes and feeds their souls with encouragement, because it’s true, you never know what someone might be going through.”


CocoZaahb is what I would call an ‘inspired style’ blog, [because] every post is aimed to prompt the reader to think outside the conventional idea of ‘style’ and create their own as well as experiment. The girl who defines herself as ‘boho-chic’ may see a biker themed post and may want to incorporate a leather jacket or two into her wardrobe. Same goes for the punk rock teenager who after seeing a post on Cocozaahb wants to dress more mod.

“I had been a fan of various fashion blogs for quite a while before deciding to start my own. At first I wasn’t sure how I would separate CocoZaahb from the sea of fashion blogs out there… [but] somewhere along the way CocoZaahb built a structure of its own and I’ve been more than pleased with the feedback that I’ve received.” – Chad Moye

Fashion is my Muse!

“A blog about the convergence of everything I love,” describes Ingrid Mida about her blog Fashion is my Muse!, “fashion, art, books, history and life. With a somewhat scholarly approach to my blog, I often feature exhibition and book reviews, author and artist interviews and designer profiles, as well as my own artwork.

“As an artist and writer, I write to process what I have seen and blogging seemed like a natural extension of that as well as a way to connect with others that share my passions. In the three years that I’ve been writing Fashion is my Muse!, I’ve been amazed at the many friends and connections I’ve made around the world and the numerous opportunities that have come my way. In October, I will be the keynote speaker at the Costume Society of America conference where I will speak about ‘When Does Fashion Become Art.’”

i believe in unicorns.

“I’m Ashley [and] I have a little blog where I write about things that make me happy (one of which is fashion). I started blogging as part of a creative writing class, but once I got married it turned into a fashion/food/lifestyle/magical/happy journal! I have so much fun doing it and I am so happy to have met a plethora of wonderful people from all around the world thanks to it!”

Jess Loves Fred

“…is my little nook of the internet that documents me trying to satisfy the overwhelming demands of my bookshelf and closet. Interspersed between the gratuitous photos of my outfits, I write about my life and the world around me. Hopefully, my writing differentiates me from being just another 18 year old with a fashion blog. I started blogging back in year 8 when my blog posts consisted only of spelling mistakes, poor grammar and whining – sort of like online diary entries.” – Jessica

My Life in the Curvy Lane

“I developed My Life in the Curvy Lane with the thought that I could not be the only woman on planet Earth that has trouble dressing her curves. From dressing room meltdowns to the perfect pants, this blog has become a constant source of entertainment for me and people around the world. Being curvy doesn’t mean you’re fat; it means you’re not built like a 12-year old boy.” – Kara


hair and makeup bloggers


Natural hair fans should check out Hairscapades, which follows Shelli as she learns – and shares – about her natural hair experience. Her natural hair journey began “after an over-zealous stylist decided to put a relaxer on more than her ‘new growth,’” in 2000, damaging her hair. “The resultant breakage caused by the overlapping chemical treatment made the decision to go natural easy [and] she ‘Big Chopped’ long before ever hearing the term and has been wearing her hair in its naturally curly state ever since.” We suggest that you use Hairscapades as a resource when starting out your hair in its natural state, or even just for finding new techniques and styles.

A Complicated Melody

A Complicated Melody is the beauty and lifestyle journey of market analyst by day, blogger by night, Melody. A Complicated Melody features makeup tutorials, beauty review, hauls and more! Learn how to get an easy smokey eye or check out a review of the latest nail polish [here].” – Melody

Hope you enjoy these fall fixes! Don’t be afraid to try glitter eye shadow or wear a Dale Norway vintage hat this fall!

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  2. Shelli Says:

    Ditto!!! Thank you so much for the exposure!!

  3. Chad Moye Says:

    Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this!
    I will definitely be checking out the other featured blogs – Chad Moye

  4. miss. leah Says:

    Hey Shelli!! Ladies check out Hairscapades! We we currently doing a Grow Out Hair Challenge. We’d love to have more participating curlies!

  5. Dora Says:

    Thank you so much for the feature :)

  6. Kara Says:

    Thanks so much for the exposure! I am looking forward to seeing some new “friends” on my blog and also am happy to be a part of Be In Style!

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