7 Princess costumes that will get everyone’s attention


Princess Costumes

When everyone thinks of princesses the first ones that come to mind are usually the Disney princesses. As they should be! You can never go wrong for Halloween when dressed up as a Disney princess. Young girls like playing dress up as it is, and this is their time to be able to be their favorite character all day in their own princess Halloween costume.

  1. Belle princess costume

    Belle has always been a favorite with both children and adults. Turn you or your daughters’ night into a true fairy tale when wearing this Halloween costume.

  2.  Cinderella princess costume

    One of the most loved Disney characters, this costume will be sure to leave everyone breathless whether trick or treating or just wearing around the house.

  3.  Snow White princess costume

    You can never go wrong with a Snow White costume. This is a great costume that will never get old.


  1. Little mermaid princess costume

    Whether under water or trick or treating, Ariel will stun everyone around her just as your daughter will with her Little Mermaid costume.

  2.  Sleeping Beauty princess costume

    Sleeping Beauty will be pleased to know that her costume looks just as good on your daughter as it did on her in the movie.

  3. Minnie Mouse costume

    Even though Minnie Mouse is not an official princess, your princess will still feel like one in a Minnie Mouse costume. All you need is a Mickey and you are ready for a dynamic duo to take on the town for a night of trick or treating.

  4. Tinkerbell costume

    Tinkerbell is another honorary Disney princess that is as timeless and beautiful as any of the other princesses. Give your daughter some fairy dust and she is set for a wonderful night of trick or treating.

Any of these princess costumes will leave your daughter stunning and make her feel like a real princess. Which princess would you pick for a Halloween costume?

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