The best tween costumes of 2011


tween costumesLooking for the best tween costumes for this Halloween? Look no further! If your daughter is getting too big for pretending and is at that age where she is starting to want to dress up for Halloween then here are some of the most popular tween costume ideas for 2011.

  1. Thor girl tween costume: With the recent release of the movie Thor, this Halloween costume is perfect for her to look cute but also fearless when she needs to lay down the law with her hammer.
  2. 80′s valley girl tween costume: This popular Halloween costume happens to be what many of their parents actually wore on a daily basis! Well, some of them. the 80′s style is making a comeback and this will definitely be a very popular theme.
  3. Red Riding Hood tween costume: This is a very cute Halloween costume that will always be popular. No matter what age, this costume makes everyone look super cute just like the real Red Riding Hood.
  4. Pirate girl tween costume: Pirate costumes are always a great costume idea for both guys and girls. Nothing is cuter than a girl with a sword and eye patch! This is a great costume to accessorize with as well.
  5. Devil tween costume: The one day of the year that its okay to not be 100% angelic. Devil costumes will always leave you looking cute while still allowing you to let some of your evil side out.
These are the best tween costumes for 2011 and this Halloween you can’t go wrong with any of these costume ideas. Did your costume not make the list? Did any of these surprise you? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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