How to choose a sofa throw


Cashmere sofa throw

Thinking of giving your sofa a makeover? Go for a nice, soft sofa throw to add a pop of color. Think cushions and pillows and throws that add a touch of elegance to your sofa and provide oodles of warmth and comfort during colder weather. Here are some tips advice on choosing a throw for your sofa:

  • Sofa throws are decorative blankets that are cozy to have around on a cold day. They’re available in different textures and fabrics like cotton, chenille, wool and cashmere and even silk.
  • Choose a throw color and fabric that complements your sofa and the rest of the décor. If you have cushions on the sofa, then pick a throw that blends with the entire ambience. If you have a light-colored sofa like white, pale beige or cream, a bright, jewel-toned throw will look great. Go in for printed throws if the entire décor is subdued and light.
  • A cashmere sofa throw is beautifully soft and luxurious. Some of them come with fringes and have a dense weave and can even double up as light blankets. These blankets are ideal in the colder months and look good too.Cashmere sofa throw
  • If the throw is very big and the sofa small, you can fold it neatly in two and drape it over the end of the sofa back decoratively. If the sofa is big, you can open out the whole throw and drape it on top of the sofa attractively. However you drape it, make sure the ends don’t fall to the ground as that can look shabby.

Though a sofa throw is considered a blanket, they’re smaller in size and used for decorative accents. Go in for it to give your sofa a new look.

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