Choosing the right corner fireplace


Corner FireplaceNothing can make your home feel like home more than a fireplace. It used to be that if your house wasn’t built with one, then you were out of luck. But a few years ago the portable fireplace was introduced, and now everyone can enjoy that warmth and crackle that the fireplace has provided for years! However, when choosing a fireplace, there some things to consider like gas or electric fireplace, flat or corner fireplace, etc. Let’s go over some of the options.

Gas Or Electric:

  • Gas: This is the first option you need to consider. With a gas fireplace, you get the real flame making it as close to a real fireplace you can get. However, the potential for a real fire to break out is much higher. Also, injuries could happen so perhaps you should steer clear of this one if you have little ones around so they don’t get burned. The final caveat for a gas fireplace is that there’s also the potential for a gas leak.
  • Electric: Electric fireplaces are much cheaper to run, in addition to being much safer. However they are not as aesthetically pleasing since they do not have a real flame, and they put out artificial heat as well.

Flat Or Corner:

This option is pretty simple: a flat fireplace goes against the wall, a corner fireplace goes in the corner. Corner fireplaces tend to distribute the heat throughout a room better, however if your room is not set up for one, a flat fireplace will do the trick as well.

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