The best couples Halloween costumes of 2011


couples halloween costumesIf any of you are looking for the best couples Halloween costumes for this year, then look no further. Here are a few of the cutest, funny, and most popular Halloween costume ideas:

  1. Plug and socket couples Halloween costume:  This is a cute and funny costume that will be sure to get a laugh wherever you go. This is always a very popular costume with many age groups. Sockets are usually a perfect fit, just as you two probably are!
  2. Toro Bull couples Halloween costume: She can look cute all dressed  up and he can look hilarious in his bull outfit. Just hope that no one else is wearing red on Halloween! Anyone walking around in a bull outfit is going to have a good time, period.
  3. Tacky Tourists couples Halloween costume: These inflatable Halloween costumes will be a hilarious way to enter any Halloween party. Make sure to bring a camera to complete the costume! Lets hope this isn’t how the two of you normally dress on vacation…
  4. Bacon and Eggs couples Halloween costume: Nothing goes together better than bacon and eggs. Just like you two do. Be on the lookout for anyone in a ketchup bottle costume or some salt and pepper!
  5. Ghostbusters couples Halloween costume: An all time classic. This costume is even more perfect because there will surely be a lot of people in ghost costumes. That will make for an entertaining night!

If you have some ideas be sure to send them our way, we would love to hear them. These are just a few costume ideas, and we are always open to listening to more!

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  1. Andy Says:

    These costumes are are great! It looks like they are available from many different sources. I found a good directory of halloween stores at

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