Cribs that inspire a vintage nursery style


Vintage inspired nurseries have increased in popularty over the last couple of years. On B is for Baby, we have written about this topic often in many ways but we’ve noticed that it always comes down to a few basic items that really define your vintage style nursery. One of those items is the crib. When it comes to the nursery, the crib is often the piece of furniture that becomes the focal point of the room. (And why not? That is where the baby will be.)

Here are two crib styles that will create a fantastic focal point if you choose to create a vintage nursery.

Spindle crib
A spindle baby crib is a classic posh crib. In fact, they say that the crib of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is still preserved at Lee’s family plantation in Virginia. (He was born in 1807.) So if you want classic vintage American style in your nursery, a spindle baby crib is a good choice. Look for spindle cribs made of wood, even better if the wood is from recyled material. (Since that is Earth-friendly.)

Iron crib
Iron cribs give an air of yesteryear workmanship since most iron cribs feature intricate ornamental designs. If your goal is to get an antique, cultured look, then choose an iron wrought crib as the focal point of your vintage nursery. An even more elegant touch to this style of crib is a canopy iron crib bed. The addition of a canopy is sure to make your little one look like a tiny prince or princess nestled in its crib bed.

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