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quiltsYou might have read my earlier post where I wrote about things you may not know about quilts. I wrote that despite having nearly no knowledge of quilting at all. Well now that I’m an expert on quilts, I thought I could examine them a little further and explore some the different types of quilts.

Baltimore Album Quilts: Originating out of Baltimore (surprise!) in the 1840′s, this type is still one of the modern quilts still used today. The blocks are of even size, but each one has a different design with the difficulty of the design showing the skills of the maker.

Crazy Quilting: Originated in the U.S. in the 1880′s. This method doesn’t use symmetrical patterns and instead uses quilt fabric of different shapes, colors and sizes in a random, or ‘crazy’ pattern. It created quite a stir and became a popular fad, giving you an idea of how boring the 1880′s must have really been.

Hawaiian Quilts: In another major twist, these quilts originated out of Hawaii in the 1820′s. Because the Hawaiian climate is unsuitable for growing cotton which is the most common quilt fabric, all materials have to be imported. Many Hawaiian quilts also incorporate the Hawaiian flag.

Sashiko Stitching: This Japanese form of stitching was originally used to repair worn pieces of fabric or clothing, and many of the patterns were derived from Chinese designs.

Provençal quilting: These French quilts began in the 17th century and use a stuffing method of filling two layers of fabric with stuffing. Today this method is popular in making baby quilts.




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