Droid Bionic: Too little too late?


Droid Bionic CaseRemember when the Droid Bionic was first announced at CES back in January? It’s finally arrived, 9 months later with some changes but is it too little too late? Let’s see what they changed and see if it stacks up against its competition.

While the competition has moved on to faster 1.5GHz dual core chips, the Droid Bionic uses a 1GHz dual core processor which is still able to move the phone around with authority. It also comes with a large 1,700mAh batter which will last the whole day with moderate use but don’t expect it to last the whole day if you’re using it heavily for media or navigation.

On the plus side, the Bionic comes with a gorgeous screen and the ability to dock to Motorola’s webtop dock. The dock can be purchased for an additional $300 but it isn’t worth it when a netbook with a fully functional OS can be had for the same price. The dock really needs to be $100 or $150 to make it worth getting. There are other accessories like a car and media dock if you wish to hook the phone up in your car or to your television at home.

Overall, the Droid Bionic is a more than capable phone that will be a great upgrade if your contract has expired. Phones on the horizon are more attractive with bigger batteries, faster processors, and will probably be sold for the same price so if your contract isn’t about to expire, hold off and wait for a better phone. If you do decide to get the Droid Bionic, make sure to protect your investment with a Droid Bionic case.

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