Five perfect pieces for your Lady Gaga costume


Lady Gaga costumeOne of the most popular costumes for Halloween 2011 is the Lady Gaga costume. Whether you want to piece together your own costume of Lady Gaga or find the right preassembled Lady Gaga costume, here is a list of the essentials that you will need.

Lady Gaga wig1. Lady Gaga wig

The single most important part of your Lady Gaga ensemble will be the wig. The most recognizable Lady Gaga wig is the long blonde wig with the bow made out of hair on the top. It would also work to use a short blonde wig or just a long straight blonde wig.



Lady Gaga sunglasses2. Lady Gaga sunglasses

Lady Gaga is known for wearing oversized designer sunglasses, especially at the beginning of her music career. The Lady Gaga sunglasses you pick should be funky and large. If you are on a budget, it might be a good idea to pick sunglasses that you will want to wear even if you aren’t in your Lady Gaga get-up.


women's leather pants3. Women’s leather pants

If you are trying to put together your own costume, I would recommend getting some women’s leather pants. This will be the perfect basic piece that will allow you to be creative about your top. Make your own top just like Lady Gaga would, and it will most likely match the a simple pair of leather pants.


face paint4. Face paint

Lady Gaga wouldn’t leave home in just clothes, so you can’t leave home in a Lady Gaga costume without some creative face paint work. The pop star has been seen with gold or black lightening painted or embellished on her cheeks or around one eye. This would be a simple way to finish your costume.


toy microphone5. Toy microphone

Every costume needs a prop and being that Lady Gaga is a song writer and a pop singer, a toy microphone is the perfect prop. If you have extra time before Halloween rolls around, find your inner Lady Gaga and embellish your microphone with some inexpensive rhinestones or spray paint.


There are many great and original ideas out there for creating a Lady Gaga costume. If you have any tips or want to share your plans for your Halloween Gaga costume, please leave them in the comment section below.

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