Five ways to get the whole family in a Harry Potter costume this year


Harry Potter cosutmeIs your family crazy about Harry Potter? With the last film in series coming out earlier this year, it would definitely be appropriate to celebrate by finding a Harry Potter costume for everyone in the family. There’s something for everyone. Here are the top five ways your family members can go all out in Harry Potter attire this Halloween.

Harry Potter adult costume1. Harry Potter Adult Costume

No need to feel left out. There are many Harry Potter adult costumes out there. You can simply be Harry Potter, you could find a Bellatrix women’s adult costume or even go a little scarier and get a Harry Potter Dementor costume. How young your kids are might affect your decision.



Harry Potter kids costume2. Harry Potter Kids Costume

Duh! Kids love Harry Potter. What’s not to love about a wizard with a wand? This Harry Potter kids costumes might even be a good investment, because Harry Potter doesn’t really seem to be a phase. Harry Potter fans usually stay Harry Potter fans, so they will want to wear the costume again.



Harry Potter Hermione costume3. Harry Potter Hermione Costume

Nope. Harry Potter is not just for boys. Mom and daughter can dress up in a Harry Potter Hermione costume. If mom isn’t hanging out with the kids on Halloween, or if she’s attending a Halloween Party, try a sexy Hermione costume. Just don’t embarrass the kids and try to keep it PG.



Harry Potter Quidditch costume4. Harry Potter Quidditch Costume

People love Quidditch. Fans have set up clubs where they go to the park and have a Quidditch match. Does this sound like you? Then maybe you need Harry Potter Quidditch costume this year instead. They are available for kids and adults. They are red robes, in case you didn’t already know.



Harry Potter wand5. Harry Potter Wand

If you already have a robe or you are making your own Harry Potter costume, you will still need a Harry Potter wand. You can get a basic wand for a few bucks, but if your family is a bunch of die-hard Harry Potter fans, you could even get a fancy Harry Potter wand set for your family to share. Seriously.



If you are dressing up in Harry Potter attire this year for Halloween share your tips and suggestions with us in the comment section below.


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