Give your nightstand that retro look with a wooden clock radio


clock radio wood

Radio clocks are used by almost everyone now days. They do their job of waking us up to the sound of music. Due to the increased usage of radio clocks there are a lot of companies which make them these days. Because of this there are a lot of cool looking ones as well. One of the most popular ones out there would be ones which give you that old classic retro look to your night stand.

Among the clock radios which give you the retro look, the Dolmen analog clock radio with a wooden finish is just about perfect. The moment you look at this clock radio wood finish master piece you will fall in love with it. It exemplifies simplicity and elegance and would give your night stand a retro look. This clock radio is made from wood and aluminum which makes it bled so well with almost all kinds of furniture. This radio clock also features an LED backlit dial so you don’t have a problem with viewing the time at night. The dark wood finish along with the blue glow does make it look really cool.

Apart from the looks this Radio clock also comes with an alarm radio/buzzer with the snooze option. It also has an mp3 amplifier which makes your mp3’s sound really good. The quality of sound will surprise you for something that looks this retro. The alarm can either be your regular buzz or you could wake up to your favorite radio station. The only thing missing would be an iPod dock but it would probably ruin the classic look which this radio clock gives.

So if you want your night stand to have a classic look then you should get a wooden finish clock radio like the Dolmen analog clock with a wooden finish.

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