Great ways to exercise with your dog


dog exercise, flying dogIf you’re a dog owner, you already know that your dog needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Besides staying healthy, exercising with your dog provides time for bonding. This will help your dog build loyalty and trust. It’s also a great time to check up on the health of your dog, checking his or her fur, teeth, and paws. Let’s see some great activities that you can do with your dog that will keep both of you happy and healthy.

One of the most basic things that you can do with your dog is play fetch. You can use something simple like a branch or stick but make sure it’s free of sharp protrusions that could hurt your dog’s mouth or face. To be safer, you can teach your dog to play fetch with a dog ball or tennis ball. Dog balls are usually more robust and made to be chewed and slobbered on. Frisbee also work well for fetch but will be tattered up easily.

If you like going hiking, bring your dog along. Make sure to pack lots of water and treats. Take it easy the first couple of times hiking to see how much stamina your dog has. This is better for bigger dogs as smaller dogs will get exhausted more easily.

If you spend time at a lake, it may be a good place to teach your dog how to swim. Make sure to start slowly and in shallow water to build up his or her confidence. Eventually your dog will be comfortable enough with swimming that you can play fetch with him or her in the water.

Whether you’re taking your dog out for a walk or on a hike, just remember to consistently exercise with your dog. Both of you will feel healthier and happier.

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