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green recycled glasses

I was recently introduced to the concept of green recycled glasses by a friend. I always thought that recycling was restricted to plastics and food wastes. But to my surprise, I found out that even glass can be recycled and reused. In fact, recycling glass consumes 40% less energy, as compared to manufacturing a new one.

So, in the long that means tons of electricity and energy being saved. Not to mention the benefits that it provides the environment. The process of making glass involves heating soda ash, sand and lime together. It is then shaped into different products.

But the process releases large amounts of fossil fuel emissions. If you do the math, recycling can save you 9 gallons of fuel oil for every ton of glass recycled. Else, so much energy would be burned for creating a new product.

Green recycled glasses

Wondering if you can send your kitchen glasses for recycling? Well let me tell you that not all forms of glass are recyclable. So, window glasses, light bulbs and even dishes are not recyclable. But you can recycle beverage containers and food jars

If you want to make a contribution towards the environment, always buy glasses pieces with the “G” logo on it. This implies that the glass can be recycled. Not only will you get terrific designs but also help in conserving the environment.

Here are some benefits that you can help attain by recycling glass-

  • Reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%
  • It can be recycled many times without losing quality or quantity
  • Reduces landfill space
  • Is cost effective

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