Are the heated therapy mitts really effective?


heated therapy mitts

Where medical conditions call for heated therapy to provide relief, heated therapy mitts bring about warmth and comfort and relief from pain. Warm mitts are great for arthritic pain, back aches and stiffness, muscle pulls, neck pain and sprains and other injuries caused by sports or accidents. Take a look at some heated therapy mitts here to see what suits you best:

  • Satin smooth professional heated mitts provide deep, penetrating therapy for dry and sore hands. They moisturize your hands in easy-to-do steps and help relax your hands. The mitts open pores to allow moisturizers to get under the skin surface to provide relief. Aches and pains caused by overwork and stress find relief with heated mitts. They are used even cosmetically and medically for healthy nails and softer cuticles.
  • Grampa’s Garden hand mitts in navy flannel helps relieve pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain due to arthritis and other circulatory problems. People whose hands are constantly engaged in physical activity like gardeners, drivers, wood workers and other can benefit with these hand mitts. You’ve to just slip your tired hands into the heated hand mitt to experience relaxing warmth.heated therapy mitts
  • Therall moist heat therapy mitts are filled with micro beads that absorb and retain moisture. Once heated, they release that moisture to penetrate deep and provide immense relief against aches and pains. The soft fabric provides soothing relief against your skin and it can be heated conveniently in a microwave for quick relief.

Most of these heated mitts are reusable and provide deep relief against pain for long periods. They’re especially great for wrists, hands and fingers that are overworked and tired.

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