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With winter approaching, you can start thinking of buying warmer accessories for your bedroom. Home classics quilts and comforters look good and are functional plus they also give your bedroom a rounded, finished look. Pick your comforter or quilt with care. I’ve put down some handy points on how to pick comforters to make your job a little easier:

  • What kind of a bed do you have? A queen-sized one, a king-sized one or any other? Measure the bed and buy your comforter accordingly. Some of the comforter or blanket should be allowed to drop down the sides of the bed to look good.
  • Take into consideration the thread count. Good, quality fabrics have a higher thread count that provides leak proof coverage. These fabrics will be more expensive, softer and durable while muslin’s have a low thread count and will be less expensive.
  • Think about the weight and fill or the ‘fill power’ of the comforter. If you’re the kind who feels very cold, you may want a heavy blanket or comforter with larger and stronger clusters of down. Some like just a light covering however cold the weather.home classics quilt
  • Think of how you want the comforter to look. Some come with a lot of detailing like ruffles, fringes, borders, buttons, ties and laces. Do you want a cover or a duvet with your comforter? If there are buttons and other detailing, you’ll have to ensure that they are not located at the top where they may irritate your face. And a duvet is a good idea as it protects the comforter, looks decorative, can be washed in the washing machine and makes your comforter durable.

Think of all the above factors and choose accordingly. If you have a budget, make sure you pick a comforter that fits into it.

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