Picking the right baby shower centerpiece


baby shower centerpieceThe baby shower is one of the most important experiences for a mother-to-be. She’s surrounded by her closest family and friends, they give her much needed advice about her newborn, and she gets a ton of cool gifts for the baby. Whoever is in charge of throwing the baby shower is also in charge of the baby shower decorating. One of the biggest decorations is the baby shower centerpiece, and here’s some tips on how to pick the best one for you!

  • To Eat Or Not To Eat: The first thing you need to realize is if you want an edible baby shower centerpiece or not. The big dilemma is that the non-edible centerpiece can be saved as a memento,  while the edible one cannot. However, if you take a few decent pictures, the edible one can live on well after it has been devoured. In that case, I’d recommend an edible baby shower centerpiece.
  • baby shower center pieceBoy Or Girl: Obviously the gender of the baby will have the biggest impact on which baby shower centerpiece you get, and there are three (yes three, that is not a typo) options. A centerpiece for boys, a centerpiece for girls….or a gender neutral baby shower centerpiece for those who are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise. For example, something blue or having a sports theme might be best for a boy, while something pink or having a princess theme might be best for a girl. For the gender neutral baby shower centerpiece, brown, white, yellow, and orange are good colors to go with. You could also keep a theme by choosing a Baby Seuss Photo Centerpiece!

Once you’ve decided what you want to do with these options, the rest is a matter of your personal taste. Enjoy your shower!

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