Planning to mount your plasma TV wall cabinet over fire place?


Plasma TV Wall cabinet Living room is often configured to put the fireplace as the central focal point. However, if you plan to have your TV as the real focus of your living room, the question of integration becomes an issue. How to merge the logical point of focus, the fireplace and the TV? One of ways is to mount your plasma TV wall cabinet over the fireplace. This acts as a great space saver and is an attractive way to display the panel.

However, there are some factors to consider when taking this decision-

1. Heat and smoke will impact the TV and the cabinet over period of time.
2. The height for such a placement is typically too high for comfortably viewing a TV. It will look great while walking around, but is awful for watching TV shows. The angle of viewing is not suitable. Ideally, the picture should be at eye level when you are watching.
3. Hiding the wires in the wall will be a bottleneck if you want to change out in the future or require service.
4. You will probably have to use in ceiling speakers, at least for the center channel. So how are you going to run wires and power to it? In addition, surround sound works best when the speakers are located at the ear level, when seated. If you just want ambient sound, then the ceiling speakers will do. However, if sound quality is important when listening to music or watching movies, the you want everything at ear level. Alignment not at the right level will make the experience inferior.

Consider the pros and cons and take the decision that works best for you.

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