Portable WAV player for audiophile: HiFiMan HM-801


portable wav player

The iPod may be the most popular mp3 player out there but audio most enthusiasts would prefer other mp3 players which offer better sound quality rather than features and build quality. Among the mp3 players which focus only on sound quality the HIFIMan HM801 happens to be one of the best portable mp3 players around.

First sight of this mp3 player you’ll know that this portable wav player is not pretty like your iPod or your Zune. Then again looks and build are not the strengths of this player. The basic problem with the iPod’s and the Zune’s are the fact that they are too small and don’t have enough juice in their arsenal to power a high-quality headphone amplifier along with a high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz digital-to-analog converter. Now the HIFIMan HM801 does exactly that. This 3.5 inch*4.5 inch*1 inch p3 player can be considered a monster compared to the so called cosmetic mp3 players out there. Apple and Microsoft are usually too busy adding features in their mp3 players whereas these guys are trying to improve the quality of the primary feature of the device.

Once again the looks of this portable wav player isn’t great, if fact it looks a lot like those portable cassette player. Leaving that aside this mp3 player sounds top notch. In fact for a second you’d be surprised by the quality of sound it delivers. This is all thanks to the impressive components it has built into it. This powerhouse features the Burr-Brown PCM1704U digital-to-analog converter and Burr-Brown OPA627 Op-Amp. Now for those of you who don’t know this is the first time components like these are seen on a portable. This kind of stuff is usually found in top notch home audio systems and not on portable audio players. The sound quality shows even when you play a low quality file. But to get most out of this player you should play regular 320KBps 96kHz mp3’s. Couple this with some really good headphones and you’ve got the perfect sounding portable mp3 player.

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