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quilted backpack purse

I love carrying backpacks because they are functional, have a lot of space and also because they distribute the load on both shoulders. No matter how fashionable big handbags are, they sure weigh down one shoulder and you need to keep shifting them constantly.

Men are luckier in this reference, as they can sport some different varieties of backpacks. But fashion critics rarely consider these to be stylish for women. Thanks to designers like Alexander Wang, the backpack is given a new twist. Earlier, only schoolgirls would be seen carrying them. But the new fashionable backpacks are trendier, more functional and definitely a must-have accessory.

The Alexander Wang Spring 2012 collection full of handbags focused on different kinds of backpacks. The highlight of the show was that these backpacks were small and great. Yes, they are nothing like your regular, big backpack. But that’s what makes them stand apart!

If you want something more practical, then a quilted backpack purse can do the trick. Made from canvas and natural fibers, these backpacks are eco-friendly too. They are similar to the regular sized styles and so you can fit almost everything in there.

Additional feminine touches have been added to these. For example, some come with cute pink, polka dotted bows while the others infuse floral prints. You can pick from vibrant hues to solid colors that won’t get dirty very fast. And the best part is that you can wash them too!

So, the next time you are going to the gym, for a casual date with friends or even for a casual outing, you can don these backpacks in style.

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