Add rustic appeal to your bathroom with a petrified wood sink


If you’re looking for a way to incorporate a touch of rustic nature into your bathroom decor, there’s nothing quite as effective as adding a sink made of wood – petrified wood, that is. Petrified wood sinks are a far cry from a hollowed out hunk of log. Petrified – or fossilized – wood is actually quite beautiful, featuring dramatic coloring and eye-catching shapes. And like a snowflake, no two pieces will ever be the same, so a sink made of this natural phenomenon is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

What is petrified wood?

Petrified wood occurs in nature all over the planet, and while some pieces can be thousands or even millions of years old, the fossilization process can take less than a hundred years to complete. On the Indonesian island of Java, for example, petrified wood is plentiful, thanks to the nearly perfect pairing of active volcanoes and ancient, dense forests.  Indonesian craftsmen gather the stunning rocks and create anything from paper weights to flower pots, jewelry and trinkets to sculptures and bathroom sinks.

Petrified wood is formed through the fossilization process known as permineralization. As water and sediment such as mud or volcanic ash flows in and out of a decomposing piece of wood, it leaves behind a plethora of minerals, creating a veritable rainbow of bright colors. Black, blue-green, red, brown, yellow, pinkish-orange and blackish-yellow all result from mixtures of carbon, cobalt, copper, iron oxides and manganese.

The minerals left behind also act as a sort of preservative, allowing for the most miniscule details of the wood to petrify and therefore stand the test of time. Knots in the wood, insect holes and even intricate tree rings remain intact as the wood turns to stone.

Special delivery

Here at Signature Hardware, our first petrified wood vessel sinks arrived from Indonesia three weeks ago, and they stirred up quite a lot of excitement with the team. Each sink is completely unique and truly stunning. From beige or orange to grey or black, smooth edges or roughly hewn, these earthy bathroom sinks are rich in detail and history.

As the sinks were unveiled, many of us were amazed that a piece of geological history could turn into such a beautiful bathroom sink. A few of us even developed a sudden interest in the process of petrification and immediately begin researching.

Get the look

The bold look of petrified wood vessel sinks may be a little intimidating when you’re shopping for sinks, but they’re a great way to add a touch of rustic charm, whether in your mountainside bungalow, country farmhouse or classic Cape Cod cottage.

These substantial sinks would look great on an antique-style wood vanity cabinet, a modern cabinet with a stone top or even on one of Signature Hardware’s sleek bamboo vanities. Pair your fossilized wood sink with a single-hole vessel filler of any shape or finish. Oil rubbed bronze faucets will add a rustic touch to the fossilized wood. Contrast the light greys and browns of the stone with rich, dark walls and accessories, and accent the vibrant streaks of minerals with a pop of color like a bright shower curtain or rug, or jewel-tone bath linens.

Find everything you need to add a petrified wood sink to your home at Signature Hardware.

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