Save electricity with small home improvement projects


solar address light

These days everyone has become more aware and conscious towards saving energy, helping the earth become a greener place and make attempts to reduce pollution. Small home improvement project ideas can help you save a lot on your electricity bills and also contribute towards a greener environment.

Here are a few tips to help you in the process-

1. Solar address light

A lot of people use address lights, especially if they live in remote areas or to help others find their homes with ease. Instead of wasting energy on regular lights why not opt for solar address lights. These operate on solar energy and use sunlight for power. They switch on automatically at night, saving you the trouble to remember switching them off every morning.

2. Solar path lights

Millions of homes use solar path lights for their driveways. So, you can imagine the tons of electricity consumed everyday across the country. Solar operated path lights are a more economical alternative. Available in decorative styles, they light up the driveway without burning a hole in your pocket or using up too much of non-renewable energy sources.

3. Solar lanterns

If you like to give your home a rustic touch with lanterns? Opt for solar lanterns rather than electric or gasoline based ones. These can go ways to help cutting down the consumption of electricity. Apart from this, they require little maintenance and are portable too.

Small things make a huge difference. Even if 100 homes save 100 watts of energy each night, 10,000 watts are being saved everyday! And this does add up to a great amount at the end of the year. So, go ahead and try out these small home improvement ideas to save electricity!

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