Rihanna’s Ostrich feather dress: fab or faux pas?


Sue Wong feather dress

Even as celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jamie Lee Curtis are supporting the cause of PETA, Rihanna has been criticized for wearing an ostrich feather dress. Singer Rihanna was apparently blasted by PETA for sporting an aqua blue top made from ostrich feathers as she was promoting her fragrance Reb’l Fleur.

This is not the first time that this celeb has sported an exotic ensemble. Earlier she had annoyed PETA by wearing garments and accessories made from reptiles, foxes and cows. A feather dress, made from feathers ripped of any animal is definitely a faux pas.

Often animals have to go through painful live plucking, leaving behind wounds, which are sewn without any anesthesia. If you are a true fashionista then animal cruelty and violence is something you should not support or rather discourage.

You can be fashionable and chic without being cruel. For instance, instead of wearing a real feather dress opt for dresses that are made from artificial substitutes. There are also designers who use a friendlier method to get feathers from birds, unlike traditional means of electrocution or live plucking.

Opt for a classy Sue Wong feather dress, which has been made using embellishments and beaded highlights instead of real animal feather. Even though she has a range of dresses made from real feather, you can make a more humane choice. Check out her range of exotic textures, which look equally fashionable.

As for Rihanna, we sure hope that she finally gives these animal-cruel garments a break and moves over to something more humane and animal-friendly.

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