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Halloween MusicIf you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, you’ve got to have some rockin’ Halloween music! Here are some artists and songs that you have to bump on this year’s Fright Night!

Monster Mash: Even though the song is almost 50 years old, it’s still a perennial favorite and a must-have on your Halloween playlist

Halloween MusicRob Zombie: Pick up his greatest hits album that contains songs from both his White Zombie days and solo career. It also comes with a bonus DVD of his music videos that you can put on during your party.

Marilyn Manson: The shock rocker is perfect Halloween music, just be sure it’s an adults-only party as his lyrics are for mature ears only.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: There are 4-5 great songs for Halloween on this soundtrack if you don’t want to play the whole thing. At the very least, Time Warp is a must.

Ghostbusters Theme: How could you not play this during a Halloween party?

Scary Sounds: If you’re going to have a haunted house, you’ll need some spooky sounds to frighten your guests

Addams Family Theme: It may not be the best song to dance to, but at least everyone can snap along.

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes: The theme from this classic B horror movie is sure to get some laughs.

Nightmare On My Street: This old-school hip hop song by Will Smith back in his Fresh Prince days will fill up the dance floor quick.

Thriller: If you have a Halloween party and don’t play Thriller, your guests won’t come back next year.

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