The wonderful world of monkey bedding


Monkey BeddingI’ll bet all sorts of weird ideas went flying through your head when you saw that monkey bedding headline. Is it bedding for monkeys? Is it bedding made out of monkeys? Is it a wacky sitcom where a college student has a monkey as a roommate and they share a bed, much to the chagrin of the ultra-conservative dean? Actually, as you probably have deducted from the picture, it’s actually kids bedding with monkeys on it. Maybe not as exciting as the first few premises, but your children will get a kick out of it none-the-less.

Now your question is: “Is there is really enough monkey bedding out there to write an entire blog about it?” Yes! There’s monkey bedding,pink monkey bedding for girls, monkey bedding for boys, monkey baby bedding (which is basically monkey crib bedding for your monkey nursery), sock monkey bedding with that popular sock monkey character, and more!

So your next question might be: “What exactly is bedding?” Well that would be monkey sheets, monkey blankets, monkey pillows, monkey comforters, and entire monkey bed sets.

Of course there are other animal beddings out there. Butterfly bedding, cheetah bedding, owl bedding, zebra print bedding, safari bedding, jungle bedding, and the always popular Scooby Doo bedding. So why monkey bedding? Because monkeys are totally awesome! Tell me the last time you saw a monkey and didn’t smile?  Or the last time you saw a monkey doing human things like sitting behind a desk in a suit and didn’t laugh? That’s comedy gold! And now your kids, who already love monkeys can have it all over their room.

Yay for monkeys!

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