Wear white and make summer last longer


white summer dresses

White summer dresses are a wardrobe staple for most women. They are feminine, elegant and an evergreen fashion style, which you can rarely go wrong with. White is worn in the summer because it reflects light rather than absorbing it. I know we all read about this in school, but only when you wear the color do you actually realize how true it is.

So, wear white and make summer last longer with these cool and chic accessories and clothing items:

white summer dresses

1. White dress

Be it the flowy maxi dress that touches your heel or a trendy shirt-dress, white dresses are a rage this season. You can pick from varying lengths, shapes and styles. Go dressy with laces and textural fabrics or keep it simple with sheath white. Add some color with a belt, jewelry, bag or even shoes.

2. White jeans or pants

A lot of women shy away from white pants, capris or jeans because they feel it’s very difficult to maintain the whiteness. But nothing beats the summer heat like a crispy linen drawstring or loose cotton shorts. Chuck the phobia and opt for cool white bottoms. Just make sure you wear a neutral or same color undergarment with it.

3. Accessories

If you don’t want to for the all white look, you can blend some accessories into your style. Think white leather belts (both wide and thin), cute white shrugs or short jackets and even bags! I love carrying a knitted or crotchet white hat to the beach, poolside or any other outdoor event. You can pair this with white or any other color too!

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