Wonderful world of Christmas villages


Christmas VillageWelcome back to my ‘Wonderful World’ series. Previously we looked at monkey bedding and princess beds. This time we’re going to change it up a little. It’s almost October, and that means Christmas is only a few months away. I know one of my favorite parts of Christmas growing up was decorating. It’s a bit more of a chore to do that now as I’m the one responsible for putting the lights on the roof, a job I incorrectly thought was awesome when I was six years old. Never-the-less, decorating is still fun and one of the more popular decorations are Christmas villages. Lets take a look at some of qualities that make up a good Christmas village.

Uniqueness: Few moments are more embarrassing in life than when you realize you just bought something you thought was one of kind but turns out everyone on the block has. With that said, I’d stay away from more of the name brand Christmas villages: namely the Thomas Kinkade Christmas village, and the Disney Christmas village.

Religious?: If your faith has strong ties to Christmas (see:Christianity), then perhaps the always popular baby Jesus manger is the way to go.

The Population: Do you want the Christmas village to have Santa Claus and Frosty, or just a happy family singing carols around the neighborhood?

Pieces Or A Set: Some Christmas villages come in a set that you can arrange, while other are one solid piece. The ones you can arrange offer more variety, but take longer to set up and take down than the one piece set.

OK, now that you have more information on what Christmas village set to get, go get a jump on those decorations


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