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princess crib bedding setIf you’re one of my regular blog readers, then you’ll know that I’ve done articles on bedding and on princess beds. I figure, why not one on princess crib bedding sets. If the first two blogs were awesome, then combining them should be just outstanding. For those who missed the first two, bedding is all the nonsense that goes on your mattress: mattress cover, sheets, pillow cases. And a princess bed usually has a canopy or a castle-themed bed frame.

Now you can’t have your daughter sleep in this big fancy princess castle bed and have plain white sheets. You need some princess bedding. If you picked her up a Disney themed princess crib, then stand to reason that you should also get a Disney princess crib bedding set. If you got a pink princess crib with a pink canopy, might as well go with a pink princess crib bedding set. I’ve seen purple and pink combined, and they play off each other well so go head and feel free to mix and match. If your daughter is old enough, get her input. After all, she has to see it literally in her sleep.

Now there is some white princess crib bedding out there, but white can get dirty rather quickly and humans under two years old aren’t known for being the cleanest individuals. But, if that goes with the decor and it’s what your little princess wants, then by all means go with white.

This concludes our tutorial on princess crib bedding sets. This was nowhere near as good as my previous blogs. I apologize.

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