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Crafting, design, home decor, cooking and flowers. That’s a whole lot of great stuff! This week’s Best of the Web is a massive dose of inspirational and creative bloggers and it’s our great pleasure to share these wonderful sites with Be @ Home readers. Dig in and enjoy this veritable treasure trove of goodness, and as always we love hearing from you, so be sure to let us know what you think!





Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom blogSuzy’s Sitcom

“Suzy’s Sitcom is a compilation of crafts, arts, humor, family and fun. Each week, I feature a new unique tutorial, lots of guest artists and a funny story here and there.  I often focus on creating amazing things from inexpensive or recycled materials.  The sitcom is a great place to start your day out with a smile and come away inspired.  After all, life is a sitcom covered in glitter, hot glue strings and dog hair…isn’t it?” -Susan from Suzy’s Sitcom.

Mitzi's Miscellany blogMitzi’s Miscellany

I began my blog, Mitzi’s Miscellany, as a way to promote my Etsy shop, but it’s taken on its own life.  My goal is to throw a little education about antiques into my posts along with craft projects so readers can enjoy a “vintage lifestyle.”  It just makes sense with the current economy and the green movement to use what’s been on this planet for a long time, rather than buying cranked out made-in-China junk. I’m very passionate and opinionated, but my readers realize quickly that I have a sense of humor too.” – Mitzi from Mitzi’s Miscellany

Nicole Jane Home Blog

Nicole Jane Home

“My blog is an extension of my website, Nicole Jane Home (, which is an online home décor store boutique. I love write about all things beautiful and creative. It might be a post about my latest décor finds, a trendy vintage market, a fascinating designer, or just what I’m making for dinner. My favourite posts are giveaways—there’s nothing quite as fun as sharing something special with the people who drop by to read my words and look at my pictures.” – Jennifer from Nicole Jane Home.

Her Painted Word blog

 Her Painted Word

“My blog is a way I remain committed and accountable to my creative journey.  It is a reflection of my inner world as much as my physical existence.  It has become a practice, an unfurling of my heart and soul, sharing my truths and my fears all the while trying to live my life as an ARTist.  My ARTwork is inspired by unwritten stories. Those sitting on the page and those that are waiting to be excavated, layer by layer, word by word and one painting at a time.”- Danielle of Her Painted Word blog.

Milkfed Press blog

The Milkfed Press

“My name is Victoria Heifner, and I am a designer and letterpress printer.  Old signs that I see on my walks, words stamped into the sidewalk, color palettes,  labels at grocery stores, foliage, is all part of my every day existence. I just talk about things that are interesting to me. I am really good at noticing things, and I guess that’s why I gravitated towards keeping a blog. Its original intent was to show a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at my work at Milkfed Press (my studio). I guess I am just showing off a broader peek.”  – Victoria from Milkfed Press

Summerstead blogSummerstead

“I enjoy a wide variety of crafts – sewing, quilting, beading/jewelry making, re purposing & refinishing, and others.  I am also an amateur photographer and am constantly redecorating my home.  I share almost all of my adventures (and misadventures) with the readers of Summerstead.  The title of my blog, Summerstead, is a shout-out to my favorite place on earth, located in the panhandle of Nebraska.” – Heather from Summerstead


 I can cook that blog

 I Can Cook That

Beginner chef Kaitlin started writing this blog as a way to challenge herself to become a better cook (or, more appropriately, a cook at all). This blog is for those who think they can’t cook, that cooking takes too long, or that recipes can’t be used if the exact ingredients aren’t available.- Kaitlin for I can cook that.

Heather Christo blog

Heather Christo

Heather Christo is an accomplished chef and entertaining expert, who has charmed thousands with her dedication to unforgettable entertaining.  Heather attributes her lavish yet accessible style of entertaining to a childhood filled with elaborate cocktail fundraisers and dinner parties held by her Father, a politician, and mother a chef classically trained in French cuisine. Heather graduated with honors from the acclaimed California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu, and completed a pastry chef apprenticeship at La Folie, one of San Francisco’s top French restaurants.

Heather’s blog serves as her platform for sharing her recipes and entertaining expertise.  Each recipe and entertaining concept is complemented by exquisite sequential photography to guide readers step-by-step. – Heather Christo of


The Summer porch blogThe Summer Porch

“Being surrounded by my herbs & flowers allows me to express my passion for all things natural. I have cultivated varieties of herbs around my 100-year-old home which developed into a business that runs from my summer porch. I enjoy sharing my ideas using a unique mixture of herbs with my decor. Come and join me for a cup of my homemade herbal tea at The Summer Porch.” – Rosemary of The Summer Porch blog.

Whether it is crafts, art projects, baking tips or green garden creations, Best of the Web: Be@ Home endeavors to highlight extraordinary talent in the blogging community every week. It focuses on the unique outlook each featured blog offers. While “Mitzi’s Miscellany” might inspire some readers to create an indoor hammock chair, the crafty blogs featured will arouse some much-needed “me time” for new projects.  Submit your much loved blog to be highlighted on the Best of the Web: Be@Home by mailing at 

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  1. Heather Says:

    Herbs & Flowers was a beautiful post, Thank you for finding such an upcoming talented lady. I just checked out her blog and was so enchanted by her pictures…

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