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Be @ Home Best of the Web

This Wednesday get inspired with innovative, useful, and fun projects from the featured bloggers around the web. Most of us want to live a more DIY life—it’s just that we don’t have the time to weed through the hundreds of blogs for projects, directions, and ideas that crowd the internet. But don’t worry: we work hard to bring you the best do-it-yourself plans and other crafty projects every Wednesday we’ve seen over the last week. Read on this week’s Best of the Web and spend your time doing projects instead of just searching for them!

blush blogBlush

“I started my blog rather reluctantly after much encouragement from my teenage son. It’s a place where I can share my card-making and paper-craft designs with like minded individuals and connect with people from all over the globe, making the world seem a much smaller place.”- Vicky Sheridan for Blush.

needle and hook blogNeedleandHook

“I have always enjoyed embroidery but the classes I attended at the Ecole Lesage, Paris France,  literally hooked me on the tambour technique or as the French refer to it the Lunèville hook.  I am using the techniques I learned in France along with my years of embroidery experience to create my own unique art quilts.  Blogging allows me to share my art with interested people and connect with other artists that use this dying technique.”- Pat and Shirlee for NeedleandHook blog.

Diane's Decorating Diary blogDiane’s Decorating Diary

“I started blogging when I began crazy quilting three and a half years ago.  I was intrigued by other crazy quilt bloggers and enjoyed the eye candy and tutorials.  I soon realized it was the perfect way to document my hobbies.  It’s become much more than that, and I have a great group of friends around the world now.”- Diane Matheson for Diane’s Decorating Diary

doll stories blog

doll stories

“My blog presents my arts and crafts work and my creative process: the process of creating my characters, which includes design and sculpting methods of the human form, together with a variety of traditional textile craft disciplines. I am curious about the combination of the different disciplines, which incorporate various aspects of life that I relate to. During my work process, I frequently stop to observe and take photos. Although I deal with figures made out of fabric, these figures can often surprise me with their human-like expressions. Those steps of the process have sometimes become even more important than the final result. A blog seemed to me the perfect medium to present those steps, and for that reason I have been posting regularly for over five years.”- Neta Amir for doll stories.

Fairyland and Watercolor Dreams and Dancing in the Twilight Rain blog

Fairyland and Watercolor Dreams and Dancing in the Twilight Rain

“I originally started my blog as a way to keep contact and share my journey with my friends and family back home as I started my new life in France. I had just quit a long career as a master reweaver and had no idea where my life was going. It was with much joy that I delved back into textile art, something I have always had a passion for. Now I spend my days dyeing beautiful colors and making many a tiny stitch on cloth and share my experiences on my blog.” – Diane Cransac for Fairyland and Watercolor Dreams and Dancing in the Twilight Rain.

Gina K. Designs

Gina Krupsky, known as Gina K. is the owner of Gina K. Designs, LLC. She is also the host of her own web based television show called StampTV. StampTV provides broadcast quality video tutorials for the paper crafting industry. Voted as on of the top 10 “All-Stars” of the paper crafting world by Scrap and Stamp Arts magazine, Gina continues to reach new audiences worldwide with her rubber stamp designs and StampTV show. Visit Gina at and her blog. – Gina Krupsky for Gina K. Designs.

Kim Hambric Art blog

Kim Hambric Art

“I have been a fiber and mixed media artist for 15 years. I create art to experience color and share this experience with others. I enjoy creating energy from placing colors side by side. My love of color and texture has prompted me to work with several types of media: paint, paper and fabric. The ability to move around colors, components and patterns always brings me back to working with textiles and mixed media.” – Stephen Hambric for Kim Hambric Art.

Prana Light blogPrana Light

“I delve into many creative forms of expression–art, jewelry design, photography and writing. Currently engaged in creating for my shop hosted at Etsy–offering a range of handmade art, jewelry & gifts designed to nurture and enhance the Divine Feminine Spirit. At PranaLight my focus is the creative life–where art and spirit meet.  Where art is part of the spiritual journey. My yoga & Buddhist practices inform my creative process and work. And, as with all art, it’s about communication and reaching out to others walking the creative path–that we may grow together and expand our horizons through our shared experiences.” – Tracy Bakkelokken for Prana Light blog.

The Bowerbird blog

 The Bowerbird

” My website was developed to showcase the diverse range of commercial creative projects I’m involved with – from creating designs for textiles and ceramic tableware, to illustrating children’s products, hand-painting watercolour floral artwork and making my own range of jewellery from recycled ceramic plates!  The website also serves as a ‘shop front’ for my online shop selling my own range of melamine plates and gift cards.  Starting a blog has been an excellent way to communicate what inspires me, to share my creative interests and add a personal touch to the work I create.  I really enjoy ‘meeting’ other like-minded people through the blog, and being part of an online creative community.” – Lucy for The Bowerbird blog.

WillOaks Studio blog

 WillOaks Studio

I blog about ideas, inspiration, experiments, studio triumphs, trials and tribulations, about other artists and art happenings both on and off the web.  I share a look at life as a working artist in a beautiful part of northern Illinois where I’m a confirmed tree hugger.  And I’m totally extravagant sharing my love of photos and the art of photography. Trained as a fine artist, I have spent the majority of my career showing my work in galleries, museums, etc.- places I could personally meet the people looking at (and shopping for) my work. I hope my blog will help add more personal perspective to my “gallery views.” – Karen Stahlecker for WillOaks Studio blog.

 little ephemera empire blogLittle Ephemera Empire 

“Hello, my name is Joanna but in the blog world I go by the name little. I like to think of myself as a writer. I also like to sew, crochet, bake and do paper craft as well as try to take better photos. My blog is where I like to store my thoughts about my life and all the things I find inspiring. I also run an art project that you can check out at” –Joanna Smith from Little Ephemera Empire blog.

Mary Vican blogmaryvican

” My blog started as a way to share some of the photographic prints I was selling on Etsy and gaining feedback. It has now become a fun and artistic way for me to share more of the fun in life – unexpected & wonderful nature or wildlife moments, awesome flea market scores, digital artwork and learning Photoshop techniques.  Going on road trips and discovering New England is so much more fun when I know I can post the photos on my blog afterwards – sharing the spirit of looking at “life through my lens” is a  wonderful adventure and a hundred times more awesome when shared with others.” Mary for maryvican blog.

A wild tea party blogA Wild Tea Party

“A Wild Tea Party is all about my addiction to vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry and handbags. I’m a keen believer in wearing and re-interpreting vintage in a world of ‘fast fashion’ – I wear it everyday on the job as a journalist, and love to play with mixes of modern and vintage in my wardrobe. Part of discussing the ritual of dressing like this is also talking about style, etiquette and positive body image, which I like to touch upon. Apart from documenting my outfits though, I also post up hair styling tutorials, crafty undertakings, fascinating tidbits and fabulous finds for like-minded girls.” -  Ellen for A Wild Tea Party blog.

Hei Echa! blogHei Echa !

“Hei Echa ! is a Personal Style Blog, which i made to express my style, fashion and art.  And i want to show that men can also look stylish and attractive, with a unique style. My personal style is Casual, Effortlessly Chic and Edgy. Besides fashion and personal style, i also fill this blog with personal life, personal thoughts, Photography and Art. I hope my blog can inspire many people.” – Echa for  Hei Echa !

Side trips blog Side Trips

“Reporting on adventures and misadventures which happen while not following the prescribed path is the core to my blog. I blog to sharpen my writing skills, show off my photography and my watercolor paintings while making contact with other bloggers all over the world with similar interests.”-  Leenie for Side Trips blog.

With Halloween round the corner, I am planning to decorate my black kitchen canisters with origami bats on them. What’s your theme for this Halloween? We would love to hear from you.

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