Best of the Web no. 37


Another week, and another milieu of diverse bloggers and creative ideas. We’ve got everything from a professional painter to an artist for whom language and letters are a medium unto themselves. Read on to find out all about life in the Big Apple, the adventures of toddlers and even a goal driven runner. Enjoy!





Love Letters 

love for all kinds of letters

love letters

“I love letters, which is why I created my blog called, (what else) Love Letters!  I love both the kind of letters we write to others but mostly I love the letters, or characters, themselves.  Since I was an adolescent, I’ve been fascinated with the structure of letters and the art of Calligraphy; and it’s only been in the last five years or so, that I’ve taken up serious study of this ancient art.  Keeping this blog has been a real joy and a source of inspiration for me, as I’ve had the privilege of meeting many other wonderful artists along the way.  Every so often, I’ve included personal anecdotes about topics like losing a beloved family dog, longing for the home I grew up in, and some of the personal changes I’ve gone through while tending to this blog. “

Mama and the Monkey 

mama and the buddha baby

mama and the buddha baby

“This is the story of Mama and the Monkey… a journal of happy rambling thoughts, of precious moments captured, of love and all it’s friends. It is a window into the everyday happenings of a slightly eccentric Mama and her delicious buddha baby as they journey through the wilds of a happy life.”

Little Buckles 

remembering the little things

little buckles

“Little Buckles is my blog to record daily happenings of our life in the French countryside. Our 2 children were born in France and my husband and I left the ‘rat race’ in the UK 6 years ago to live a simpler self-sustained life. I want to remember all the little things of our children growing up that may be otherwise forgotten. Oh, and I love photography – taking photographs of everything is a real hobby, both analog and digital.”

We Heart NY 

celebrating the greatest city in the world

we heart ny

“The crowds. The noise. The rents. Why do we live here again? Because nowhere else lets you visit an actual Egyptian temple from the 15th century BCE, then feast on Egyptian food in Queens, or listen to buskers play the accordion in the subway, then head to the opera at Lincoln Center. We live in the greatest city in the world, and our blog, We Heart New York, celebrates all the reasons why. “



running, motherhood, life


“Runninghood is a candid, goal-driven and soulful blog filled with stories, and personal insights about Running…Motherhood…Life!  Written by a running mama, Runninghood tells about finding balance, training, parenting, and living with passion and purpose.   Let’s make the most of this precious LIFE so we can be the best US!”

Andy Smith Artist 

window into an artist

andy smith artist

“I am a full-time watercolor painter and started blogging in 2007 after joining a “Painting A Day” group. I complete a miniature painting daily (almost!) and feature it on my blog along with my other paintings and demonstrations.  I also share a bit of chitchat about my day, family life in general and the thoughts and struggles of an artist.  It is a very intimate way to connect with my clients.”

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