Bake instead of breaking your bank this holiday season


bread pansJoanne wants a watch, Bob wants a bike, Seth wants a iPod and little Carla wants a Barbie. Can’t keep up? Can’t afford to get everyone what they want this year for the holidays? Save yourself and bake something special for your friends and family this holiday season instead.

bread pansBaking for your friends and family is personal. You are putting time and effort into making something for them, while saving yourself some dough, or money that is. First you need some basic bread pans. You have a few decisions to make here. Do you want to give each person a single loaf? Or a few assorted miniature loafs? Depending on your grand plan, pick out your bread pans accordingly.

After you are all set with you bread pans, pick out a few bread and cake recipes that you want to try and that your friends and family will enjoy. Maybe Bob loves bananas. Find a recipe for banana bread. Hopefully it will be so delicious that he forgets all about that bike he wanted. You can make pumpkin bread, rosemary herb bread, or even a fancy cinnamon raisin bread. There are so many options.

Now you’ll want to present the baked goods to your friends nicely instead of just handing them the bread pan and sending them off. Find some reasonable priced festive holiday-themed paper plates, cellophane wrapping and wide colorful ribbon.

Arrange the loaf or mini-loaves on the plate. Lay out a square of the cellophane wrap decorative side down. Place the plate in the center on top of the cellophane. Bring up the corners of the cellophane over the baked good/s, and tie it all together with a bow! Trust me freshly baked goods will not disappoint your friends and family.

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