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gold headphones

For most people, having a portable MP3 player on them at all times has become a necessity these days. If you are planning to carry a MP3 player with you, then you should carry equally stylish headphones which match your outfit to stand out from the crowd! It isn’t difficult to get some of the most stylish headphones these days as a lot of them are available.

Among the stylish headphones available, the ones that have a gold finish are quite popular. Among the headphones with a gold finish the Monster Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers are one of the best ones available earbuds. Their build quality is exceptional and they are very stylish as well. These are one of the few in-ear headphones which offer you tight, impactful bass without sacrificing any clarity. You will be surprised with the quality of sound and bass especially from an in-ear headphone. These gold headphones are one of the many awesome creations of the Monster Audio team. They may be on the expensive side and do not have a mic or controls for the iPod/iPhone but what they give you is amazing sound quality on par with full sized headphones.

If the in-ear headphones aren’t to your taste then you should try the Pioneer HDJ-100G Limited Edition headphone. These over the ear headphones are one of the most attention grabbing headphones you will find. These gold finish headphones are also very comfortable to wear and you can wear them all day. These headphones offer deep bass and.  For the price, they are a steal!

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