Classic American style and the letterman jacket


men's letterman jacketThere was a time when the letterman jacket was reserved solely for high school athletes (and high school athlete posers), and was used as a status symbol – a letterman jacket meant you were automatically part of the cool kid in crowd. After graduation though, anything associated with high school becomes instantly marked with the un-cool stick, and so wearing a letterman jacket becomes a clear way to mark yourself as a social outcast. This year though, the letterman jacket is coming back in a big way. Here we break down how to make this style item help you look your best:

Men’s Letterman Jacket

men's letterman jacketThe men’s letterman jacket harkens back to a classic American style, and evokes images of high school football games and simpler times. Because of this association with what we colloquially call Americana, this style of coat is part of a certain “preppy” look, and most certainly carries with it some very specific connotations. Among these is the sort of casual swagger epitomized by icons like James Dean. For that reason the letterman jacket can safely be paired with a fitted pair of jeans and sneakers (Chuck Taylor’s are great for this purpose). There’s really no need to mess with a good thing and you won’t go wrong emulating this classic style.

For a more urban look, you can pair with some high-top sneakers and a flat rimmed baseball cap – we still recommend fitted jeans however. Avoid baggy unless your goal is looking sloppy.

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