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Tall Cowboy Boots via Sheplers.comI know what you’re thinking. “Um Pocket Change is based out of California, so how can you be an expert on cowboy boots?” Well presumptuous reader, I’ve been to Texas, and I’ve ridden horses. I’m basically John Wayne if he were alive today. I’m also an expert in style, and I’m here to tell you that cowboy boots are in this fall, ladies. The best part is you do not need to be a cowboy to pull these off. Let’s look at some of the different type of boots available.

Exotic Skin Cowboy Boots: These are the boots that are made from an animal. They are more of a status symbol as they are very expensive as you can imagine. Popular skins include lizard, snake, alligator, leather, ostrich, eel, elephant, sting ray, and buffalo.

Western (Classic) Cowboy Boots: These are tall cowboy boots that are best for riding. The shaft comes up at least the mid-calf and generally have a pointed toe that makes them easier to get in and out of stirrups.

Roper Style: These are a newer style that have a rounded toe and low heel better suited for walking around. They are called roper style because they are used in rodeos when participants need to run and hog tie a calf, and not named after the landlords from Three’s Company as I originally thought.

Just remember when buying cowboy boots for the first time that they need to be fitted well and probably have to be broken in before they are comfortable.


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