Cute baby costume ideas for Halloween


Halloween is happening soon, have you come up with a costume for yourself? Well what about your baby? If not, it’s okay, we have your back — at least the baby part. Read ahead and be inspired by some of the cute baby costumes we have for your baby.

Family Pet
Dressing your baby up to look the family pet seems like a trend that will happen this year. It started with a family who made a homemade costume for their baby. The costume had the same coloration and markings as their French bulldog Louis. You can do this too. Just find a onesie or t-shirt and a beanie (make sure they are the colors you want or make them the colors you want), and you too can have a cute family pet baby costume.

What could be more fun then dressing up your baby in a prep outfit?. The great thing about a preppy-themed outfit is that is can take many forms. What about a preppy golfer outfit/costume? Or maybe put your baby in Lacoste baby shoes and polo shirt, with tiny shorts and a tennis racket and you have a baby tennis player (headband optional).

Another popular trend, although slighty suprising, is a Star Wars trend in baby costume ideas. At the moment, the most popular outfit is Yoda, with Leia in a close second. If those two don’t fit the bill don’t worry, you can still make your baby into a cute Ewok or even Chewbacca. If Star Wars isn’t your thing but maybe comics are, try a baby Superman costume (remember the cute baby outfit Superman was sent to Earth in?). Or try this, one adult Batman outfit with a baby Robin outfit.

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